Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Drives, Flash Drives, and more.

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Professional service with more than 30 years of experience performs all activities related to diagnostics and data recovery from hard disks, flash drives, SSDs, CD / DVDs, SD cards and more.
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Data recovery after mechanical, electrical failure or formatting is possible to varying degrees. It is very important, after a malfunction not to turn the device on or to give it to incompetent people for repair. If you really have valuable information, we can help you.


          After initial diagnostics, we assess the degree of complexity and inform you of the upcoming activity and cost. If you decide not to continue work, you only pay 15 EUR for the diagnosis we made.

  • The more favorable case is when there are no mechanical damage and attempt for incompetent repair. In this case the price of the activities is determined, and after agreement by the client we start work. The term is usually 1-2 weeks.
  • When a mechanical or electronic damage is detected, an additional activity is involved, including replacement of the respective part with a new device of the same model called a donor. The client can deliver the donor or we provide it and is paid in advance. This is not linked to a successful end result. The duration of the job is usually longer and further depends on the time to find a donor.

         Recovered data can be recived by giving us a new device to record it or can be downloaded over the internet. Files that can not be fully recovered are saved in a separate directory. Very often the defects in them are practically inconspicuous. The amount of these files depends on the degree of damage.

         Order can be made by email or by the button with the cart above. When making an order, it is advisable to describe the circumstances of the failure, as well as the types of data (documents, pictures, software, etc.) that are most important to you.

         We guarantee complete confidentiality of the data!