Pure Sine Wave 450 VA UPS

Weight: 5.000
Uninterruptible power supply with 450 watts for circulating pumps and electronics used in pellet burners, pellet stoves, water jacket stoves and more. It has small gauges, high reliability and competitive price compared to other similar products. Enables the operation of the pellet installation in the absence of mains power in all modes, including ignition. Practically instantaneous switching from 220 V network to inverter power supply.

Main characteristics:

Electronic overload and short circuit protection;
Allowable short-time overloads up to 600 W;
Operation with external battery 12 V, 50 - 150 Ah;
Optimized battery charging algorithm with current up to 5A;
An analysis at each start for the presence of a short circuit or mains voltage output with corresponding blocking of the operation;
Electronic back-up protection of the battery;
LED and acoustic indication of inverter and battery condition as well as emergency and risk situations.


450 ESIN


Pallet fireplaces including ignition

Output power when operating the battery

Up to 450 VA

Output voltage

220 V 10%, 50 Hz

Switching time (ms)

< 20

Built-in battery


External battery input


Current charge of the battery

5 A

Electronic protections when operating an accumulator

Ouput - short circuit and overload;

Battery - short circuit and recharge

Fuse protection

Grid and outlet

Power supply voltage

160-240 VAC

Box material



175 x 280 x 70 mm


 5 kg.




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