Modified Sine Wave 170 VA UPS

Weight: 1.500
The device is intended for temporary power supply in emergency situations of consumers and devices up to 170 VA operating at 230 V 50 Hz (modified sinewave) without switching time requirement. Typical applications are circulator pumps, automatic heating systems, emergency lighting and more. Due to the frequency conversion method used, the instrument is lightweight, compact and silent. It is planned to install a 7 Ah battery, but due to the weight, it is not included in the package in order to make the delivery cheaper. It can be added if desired.
130.00 USD

The device analyzes the battery voltage and, when it is discharged, switches to a cyclical energy-saving operation mode (20 s, 20 s pause), the LED "WARNING" lights up for 20 s. When the battery is fully discharged, the UPS switches itself off and the LED "DC12V" goes out. An electronic protection of the built-in accumulators and the output from short circuit and overload (when battery operation) is provided. It is also possible to switch on an external battery. When overloading, the LED "CAUTION" flashes.


170 EPF


For regular pumps 170W

Output power when operating the battery

Up to 170 VA

Output voltage

220 V 10%, 50 Hz

Switching time (ms)

< 500

The built-in battery is only installed on request

12 V / 7Ah

External battery input


Current charge of the battery

1 A

Electronic protections when operating an accumulator

Ouput - short circuit and overload;

Battery - short circuit and recharge

Fuse protection

grid and outlet

Power supply voltage

160-240 VAC

Box material



175 x 280 x 70 mm


1.5 kg.

To avoid paying expensive shipping, the announced price and weight are without a built-in battery. You can buy a standard 12 V / 7 Ah battery from a local store and connect it yourself. Or connect only an external battery without connecting an internal battery. If you would like to add the two built-in batteries, please add them to your cart HERE


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