GSM-SMS-ETH Controller "Universal"

Weight: 0.600
This electronic product provides you comfort in controlling any kind of electrical devices, monitoring of their states, reducing your expenses spent on the devices you use. The product is multifunctional, can be utilized for up to 3 different kinds of devices. It can establish an audio connection. For more information press on "MORE" button.
133.00 USD

Management is done through GSM networks by calling or sending an SMS to the SIM card placed into the device or over Internet using our web-base interface.

Main functions:

  • Remote control of electrical devices, manufacturing process machines, communication equipment via GSM call, SMS text message or Internet. 
  • Giving information of various changes in the status of your devices, equipment, systems, facilities, rooms, etc. by SMS, calls or emails.
  • The device can be customized to your specific requirements using ELEXIM GSM/ETH Controller Tool. It allows you to reduce your energy expenses.
  • From HERE you can log in to WEB interface by user: admin and password: admin.

Applications of GSM-SMS-ETH Controller:

  • Heating systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Systems for monitoring and control
  • Automated systems in manufacturing
  • Pump stations
  • Vehicles
  • Communication equipment and servers
  • Monitoring temperature, humidity, fluid levels
  • Vending machines
  • Windmills
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Industrial Automation
  • Home safety monitoring and more

Technical Features:

  • 3 outputs for switching or restaring active loads with power up to 2 kW via 3 low-voltage relays.
  • 3 inputs for sensors.
  • Switching the relays with SMS of specific text, sended from up to 255 pre-stored phone numbers.
  • Notification when sensor is activated through SMS, call or e-mail.
  • Notification when the main power supply fails, there is low GSM network signal or low battery charge *.
  • LAN connection for remote control through Internet.
  • Remote check the status of relays and sensors over LAN or with SMS.
  • Monitoring of power supply, GSM network and battery charge.
  • Easy configuration via USB.
  • GSM frequencies - 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Audio connection through external microphone and headphones.
  • Access only from authorized numbers.
  • Remembering of the state of switches even when the main power supply fails.
  • Easy configuration via USB.
  • Backup power supply (external battery) when main supply fails *.
  • Telnet server to control devices conected to RS232 com port.
  • RS 232 com port for a connection to external equipment.
  • * - \"Backup battery\" is not included in the set.

GSM-SMS-ETH Controller is delivered to the client in a cardboard box with all required supplements necessary for its work.

  • GSM-SMS-ETH Controller
  • Antenna
  • Adapter 110-240V - 12V/1A
  • USB cable for settings 
  • CD with software for product settings and user manual
  • Supported elements

Additional funtions available through our  "Temperature and Wireless device" (not included in the set) which can connect to RS232 com port :

  • Monitoring of the temperature and notification when a Minimum or Maximum temperature is reached.
  • Switching or restaring 110-220 V active loads with power up to 3.6 kW via 3 "Wireless Recievers".

All devices have 2 Years warranty.
For more information please see the PDF below.

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