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Modified Sine Wave 100 VA UPS

This UPS is intended for temporary power supply in emergency situations of consumers and devices up to 100 VA operating at 220 V 50 Hz without switching time requirement. Typical applications are circulator pumps, automatic heating systems, emergency lighting and more. Because of the frequency conversion method used, the instrument is lightweight, compact and silent. For more information, click the MORE button!


  Price: 70.86 USD



 home | GSM security and fire alarm system

GSM security and fire alarm system

The system consists of a basic module with built-in GSM module for your SIM card, wireless sensors for: door or window, movement, fire, wireless help button and wireless keypad for activating / deactivating password. Installation is very easy without cables. When opening doors or windows, motion or smoke detects an audible and light alarm while simultaneously alerting the owners by ringing up to 8 phones and sending SMS. For more information press on "MORE" button.


The set contains:

Basic module with built-in GSM module.
Wireless door / window sensor
Wireless motion sensor
Wireless SOS Help Button
Wireless keyboard
Wireless Smoke Detector. (The price of the system with this sensor is 98 EUR and without it is 84 EUR) This sensor has built-in sound signaling and can work independently - price 22 EUR


You are guaranteed to receive burglary, fire and emergency call information by ringing and SMS.
Easy installation without any cables, even on non-power objects such as construction sites, farm buildings, warehouses, uninhabited houses, apartments and more.
Energy and Cost Effectiveness - All modules work on batteries and do not pay extra for electricity.
Short introduction:

The wide coverage and reliability of the GSM network ensures a secure connection to the alarm, unlike the insecure Internet connections.
The alarm can be turned on and off locally by a password on the keypad or remotely by SMS.
The alarm has extremely low power consumption and does not need to be plugged in because all modules work on ultra-long battery life up to 1 year. This makes this alarm much more reliable and energy efficient than other 220B adapter. In the event of a battery drain on the master module, it sends a warning SMS.
The kit has everything you need for installation - double-sided stickers and screws. This allows you to secure the alarm and sensors wherever you need, saving cabling and labor costs.
The alarm is suitable for use in all types of houses, offices, hotels, commercial and industrial sites.
If someone removes the basic module, he immediately alerts.
In addition to the modules, you can additionally add up to 32 door / window sensors, movement, fire, flood or help buttons by placing them wherever you need them.
Distance between the main module and wireless sensors - up to 300 meters of direct viewing.
Alarm Certificates: CE, FC, RoHS.

1. In the case of penetration into the secured facility:

When triggering the door / window sensor or movement, the security alarm includes built-in siren and light and simultaneously sends SMS and ring up to 8 phone numbers to find out even if you are not in place.
The sensor is powered by a low-power battery and can operate in standby mode for more than 1 year. IP44 water resistance.
You can order additional smoke detectors and put them where you need them.
2. In an emergency.

This wireless button is designed to be used in case of need of children, elderly people, patients, people with disabilities, sick people, employees in retail outlets.
When someone presses the button, the alarm selects up to 8 phone numbers and sends an SMS as well as instantly activates the siren and light.
The SOS button is small and easy to carry. It can be placed in the pocket or neck, attached to a wheelchair or on a wall near a bed or in a bathroom.
The SOS button can operate up to 300 meters, allowing you to use in a large house or apartment.
You can order additional SOS buttons and put them where you need them.

3. In case of fire

When the smoke detector is triggered, the security alarm includes the built-in siren and light and simultaneously sends an SMS and rings up to 8 phone numbers to find out even if you are not in the spotlight.
The sensor is powered by a low-power battery and can operate in standby mode for more than 1 year. IP44 water resistance.
You can order additional smoke detectors and put them where you need them.
To extend the alarm and to better control your house, apartment, warehouse, garage, villa, etc., you can add up to 32 sensors to detect door / window opening / closing, PIR motion detectors, flood, fire, and SOS help buttons.

The model and number of sensors you use will depend entirely on your needs and can be added after initial purchase.

Please contact us at for the type and quantity of additional sensors you want to buy to let you know the price.

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