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Pure Sine Wave 150 VA UPS with Battery Inside

This UPS is designed for temporary power supply in emergency situations of up to 150VA consumers operating at 230V, 50Hz without the need for time switching. Typical applications are circulator pumps, automatic heating systems, emergency lighting and more. The supply voltage is purely sinewave, so the pump works silently and extends the life of the pump. The unit allows new energy-saving circulators and pellet stoves to be operated in the operating mode (without the ignition mode). For more information press on "MORE" button.



 home | Web based system for automatic collection and processing of electronic data electricity meters.

Web based system for automatic collection and processing of electronic data electricity meters.

The system has a unique distributed architecture that allows for reliable bidirectional communication to each electrometer, thus allowing activities like remote software replacement, tariff schedule, parameterization and many more. For more information press on "MORE" button.


Main Benefits:

● All elements of the system (electricity meters, concentrators, software) are Bulgarian development and production, which allows for various options of construction and integration depending on the needs and capabilities of each client
● Equipment with a record low size, allowing installation even in a very limited space
● Exceptional flexibility in building the system -
- Hosting entirely at the customer or entirely at
- Full range of communication capabilities (GPRS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RF)
- ability to connect to the system of electricity meters from different manufacturers
● Remote reading of the meter readings, reducing the cost of this activity to manual readings and also allowing real-time reporting and, if necessary
● Real-time detection of non-technical losses in the monitored area and subscriber posts and notification to the operator in real time of the energy balance
● Real time detection of critical events (open cover, disconnection of electricity meter, etc.)
● Continuous two-way connection to the measuring point, allowing activities like - remote interruption and restoration of power supply, remote switching software, remote parameterization change of meter and more.
● Decentralized data processing where all communication and data processing activities are distributed among multiple mini-computers.


Can be made reports and exported to an XLS file


Control (non-commercial) measurement - for example, in office buildings owners can use
the system for allocating the total current account for the building between individual tenants. IN
businesses operating on the free electricity market can be used for control
the system installed by the merchant, and so on.
● Quality control of electricity - power supply stops,
voltage level, power factor, frequency, etc.
● Consumption Optimization - Home users can learn their user experience
habits and change them so they can cut their bills.

Cloud hosting

A complete integrated service available to all customers over the Internet for all types
platforms (Windows, Linux, OSx, iPhone / iPad, Android)
● Zero investments in software licenses, server equipment, server rooms, and qualified personnel
● Guaranteed data security by encrypting communications, disk partitions, and
data hashed into the client password base
● High reliability of service, through constant monitoring and by qualified personnel
● All new features and system fixes are instantly received free of charge from all customers
● Back-up of all data and load balancing on all servers.

Subscription 8 BGN / month for 1 meter. For more than 50 electric meters discount 10%

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