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GSM-SMS-ETH Controller "Universal"

This electronic product provides you comfort in controlling any kind of electrical devices, monitoring of their states, reducing your expenses spent on the devices you use. The product is multifunctional, can be utilized for up to 3 different kinds of devices. It can establish an audio connection. For more information press on "MORE" button.


  Price: 108.57 USD



 home | GSM Intercom GSM "D1000/200"

GSM Intercom GSM "D1000/200"

The GSM Access Control is a new type advanced Access Control system. It supports dial to open the door for user or visitors. By this new type access control system, no need to install indoor intercom any more to save wiring and indoor intercom cost. supports up to 1000 authorized phone numbers for maximum 200 room numbers, it is special for apartment access control. Price 180 EUR. For more information press on "MORE" button.



  • For authorized users, the GSM Access Control will reject the call from authorized number then carries out the open door action on the first 'ring', no call charges. Also, the user can use RFID card to open the door.
  • For visitors, dial the room number on the GSM Access Control keypad, the GSM Access Control will dial the room owner’s phone automatically, the owner can open the door remotely or reject to open the door.
  • For administers, can manage the room owner phone numbers remotely by SMS or by keypad.

1. Inbuilt Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM module, 3G is optional;
2. Secure - Using caller ID for identification, unknown callers are ignored;
3. No need to install indoor intercoms, no need wiring and indoor intercom cost;
4. No call charges. the GSM Access Control rejects the call from authorized number then carries out the open door action
on the first 'ring';
5. Can open the door for visitors from anywhere, no distance limit;
6. No need to provide a remote control or keys or RFID card for different users;
7. Up to1000 authorized phone numbers for maximum 200 room owners;
8. Each Room has an Admin Password and 5 authorized Phone Numbers and 5 RFID Card;
9. Supports RFID Card to open the door;
10. Administer can add or remove authorized users by SMS Text commands;
11. 2 Relay Outputs (NC/NO), Relay close time is programmable (1~300 seconds), compatible with Electronic Locks.
12. User Friendly Design, LED Screen, Easy for installation;



Item Reference Scope
DC Power supply Standard adapter: DC 12V/1.5A
Power consumption Standby:12V/70mA;  Working Max.: 12V/300mA
GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900Mhz/ 3G WCDMA/3G CDMA2000
Transmit power Class 4 (2W) at EGSM 900 and EGSM 850
Class 1 (1W) at GSM 1800 and GSM 1900
SIM interface Supporting 3V SIM Card
External antenna SMA Antenna interface, 50 Ohm
Max.Autorized Number 1000
Max. Room Number 200
Max. RFID Card 1000, non-contact RFID Card(M1 S50)
Relay Outputs 2, Rated: 5A/30VDC,5A/250VAC
Temperature range -10-+70 °C
Humidity range Relative humidity 95% (condensation free)
Exterior dimension 273mm*130mm*50mm
Install Dimension 252mm*113mm*33mm
Wall-mount Dimension 252mm*113mm*33mm
Net Weight 1000 g

Packing list

  • Gsm Apartment Intercom 2G
  • Adapter 220 V / 12 V
  • GSM antenna
  • User Manual

Manuals: PDF335_ENG GSM Intercom D1000-200_.pdf 324.01KB

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