Data recovery from damaged hard drives, flash drives, etc.

Data recovery from damaged hard 
drives, flash drives, etc.
In case of loss of information, do not turn on the device again and do not give it to a non-specialist. DO NOT USE RANDOM RECOVERY PROGRAMS because you will almost certainly lose your data forever!!! If you have already tried this way, please do not contact us! Data recovery requires specialized equipment, professional software, experience and technical skills. We accept orders at our office and by courier. It is desirable to describe the circumstances when the damage occurred, as well as which data are most important to you (documents, photos, etc.) After diagnosis, you will be informed about the activities that need to be carried out and the price for them. If you decide that you don't want us to continue the work, you will only owe BGN 30. If the failure is in the mechanics, a new device of the same model, called a "donor", will have to be paid for, regardless of the final result. We will take parts from him to replace the damaged ones. The lead time depends on the amount of orders we currently have, the type of damage and possibly the delivery time to the donor. Restoring information is very precise and slow work. For emergencies, double the price is charged. In order to receive the recovered data, a new device is required to write it to. We guarantee data confidentiality!
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